MAKINAH.NET WEBSITE website works as a global online trade platform. It is a comprehensive industrial website containing more than 3200 industrial departments. Our goal with this website is to provide every visitor an easy way to choose from wide range of products & services, the best and suitable ones which meets their requirements & needs. We are also committed to help companies, contractors, manufacturers, end-users, traders, auctioneers and suppliers to easily find buyers & purchasers for their products & services.

Makinah’s services and solutions allow the visitors to conduct not only searches from Gulf countries, Arabic Area, Middle East, North of Africa countries, but also worldwide.


  1. In website banner, we feature companies and their products to be able to attract more buyers and customers. For each department selected, different banners will be flashed, each having the advertisement of company and their product corresponding to the selected department.
  2. We provide a separate page for each company wherein we give them access to add their company profile. It will display the basic information, photos, branches, products and social media links. In this page, we also provide them a free company banner designed by our professional designers.
  3. Makinah is available in two languages: English and Arabic to provide a better support and to address our clients’ information needs more adequately. All the details will be automatically translated to Arabic to ultimately cater to the needs of people here in Arabic Region. As a result, they are more likely to purchase from this website and the products will be more marketable.
  4. For both buyer and seller, we give assurance that Makinah can provide them with the products and services they need as we have large number of companies having contract with. We cover many International and local companies in Europe, China, Japan, US, Middle East and North Africa.
  5. We can do marketing of your products using our database having more than five million email contacts. We can send them email promoting your products and with that number, it is sure to gain prospective buyer.
  6. Makinah is a very transparent website. We don’t hide any information may it be about the company or the product details.
  7. We can help you contact with the buyer or the seller without having any difficulty.
  8. Makinah provides weekly newsletter to all its contacts to keep customers and prospects up to date with new products added and to keep them informed about developments which ensures that they are aware of our status as an innovative, well-managed website.

WEBSITE CONTENTS is well designed, easy to use and optimized industrial website.
In our website interface, you can see the following:

Homepage Banner

  • As part of our services, this banner will be designed by our professional designers and it is available for a very affordable price.
  • In addition to that, for a more extensive product advertisement, on the left portion of our page, we are also providing space for four smaller banners like shown below.

The following table shows the price list of banners in the website per Dollar:

BANNER TYPE Size Per Day (USD) Per Day (Points) Per Week - Discount 10%(USD) Per 2 Week - Discount 20%(USD) Per Month - Discount 35% (USD)
Home page Top Banner 1350 x 220 25 2500 175  158 350  280 750  490
Internal Page Top Banner 1350 x 220 5 500 35  32 70  60 150  100
Home Page Left Banner 300 x 300 15 1500 105  95 210  170 450  290
Internal Left Banner 300 x 300 3 300 21  19 42  30 90  60

Search Box

  • Located in the left side of the page is a powerful yet simple search feature, facilitating faster location of multiple sources and locations of information on our site about a specific subject or keyword.
  • Customers can select particular product department, Date it is added, Price range and keywords.
  • There is also a Search Box which can be used if you want to search for specific Company.


  • The main Department and Sub Department of products are displayed in the center portion of Homepage.
  • In this, you can see 14 main departments which indicates a very wide range of products.

  • If you click on one Department, you will be directed to a more particular product department for further precise selection as shown below.

Featured & New Advertisement

  • List of featured advertisements and newly added advertisements which is located at the right side of the page.

  • Featured and New Advertisements with Photo, Price and Date which is located at the lower portion of the page

Company Logo

  • Logos of companies we cover are flashed at the lower portion directly below the “New Advertisements”.

  • If you click on a specific company logo, you will be directed to its Company Profile.

Page Footer Links

  • Links to other pages and options including “Languages”, “Support”, “Get Social”, “Company” and “Other Countries”. This is to provide our visitors with better assistance.
  • At the footer, displays social media links for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus to foster improved communication with our clients.

Point System

In, POINTS are used in order to advertise your products wherein 1 USD = 100 Points. You can use these points in three ways:

  1. BannerAd : depends on the type of banner that you want to avail. The pricelist with equivalent points is shown in the “Banner” portion of this page.
  2. Pin it : 100 Points per ad : for displaying products in “Featured Advertisements”.
  3. Fix it : 5 Points per ad : for displaying your products on top of the list for the specific department it belongs.


Makinah is a one-stop industrial website with the goal of providing the most knowledgeable support, and the most advanced trading technology in order to create the most value possible. We are dedicated to continually expand our online market to bring our visitors updated and relevant products and solutions.