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Trading Company
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United States of America
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136 Hulme Street ,Mount Holly, NJ ,US 08060

About Company is a clearance site run by, a leader in used laboratory equipment & analytical instruments. The items for sale on this site are given rock bottom prices to get them out of the door. Customers can take advantage of the “no frills – just equipment” pricing, and optimize their shipping cost by using their own carrier or picking up the equipment themselves. and are located in Mount Holly, New Jersey. We have over 30 years experience in the business of providing customers with quality laboratory equipment. Please enjoy browsing our No Warranty, low cost equipment on And, if you are looking for equipment with Warranty, please head over to

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  • Binary HPLC Pump Waters

    Binary HPLC Pump Waters

  • Heating Chilling Plate

    Heating Chilling Plate

  • Voltage Controller,

    Voltage Controller,

  • Calcium Hardness Standard Solution

    Calcium Hardness Standard Solution