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DSA Detection LLC.

DSA Detection LLC.
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United States of America
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120 Water Street Suite 211 North Andover, MA 01845 -USA

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At DSA Detection, we are fully dedicated to manufacturing and distributing DHS-approved products for explosive trace detection systems. Our ETD products are compatible with two of the biggest names in explosive trace detection - Smiths Detection and Morpho Detection. Smiths Detection and Morpho Detection ETD systems are used across the globe by homeland security, military, and airport personnel for accurate threat detection.

In addition to our explosive trace detection products, we are committed to providing the most effective IED training aids. We manufacture X-ray correct IED training aids for security checkpoints and walk-through metal detectors for the accurate detection of guns, knives, mail threats, explosives, and explosive components such as firing circuits and blasting caps. We also provide classroom, computer based, and security officer training courses that will ensure efficient and effective security screening.

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  • Inert Threat Screening Kit

    Inert Threat Screening Kit

  • DSA’s consumables for the Itemiser® 3

    DSA’s consumables for the Itemiser® 3

  • ETD Mobile Workstation (non-powered)

    ETD Mobile Workstation (non-powered)

  • Inert Home DVD Player IED

    Inert Home DVD Player IED

  • Inert IED Circuit Boards Kit

    Inert IED Circuit Boards Kit